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Jim Fox: Guestbook

Cindy Buesching Doughty

October 30, 2018

Hi Jim,

I knew you a bit from working at Bank of California in Beverly Hills in the early to mid 1980's.
I have one of your albums and really enjoy it. A few years ago you played at Wolf Trap, in Vienna, Virginia and I wanted to come see you, but my daughter had just purchased her first house and needed my help moving her in! If you ever play in Northern Virginia again, I would enjoy seeing you play! All the Best! Cindy Doughty

Andy Gilbert

November 12, 2015

Dear Jim,
Just read the article in JJG. I think many more will learn about you and your great work. Really appreciated your thoughts on marriage, career, and the joy of playing great music. Maybe someday you'll make it up here to beautiful Oregon to perform?

the best is yet to come,
Eugene, Oregon

Menas Woloohojian

May 30, 2015

Hi, Mr. Fox,

My father, brother and I enjoyed meeting you last night after the Frank Sinatra Jr. show. What an experience! Your playing was great, and the band sounded so tight. I hope we can see you at future concerts, or maybe you'll be visiting Berklee to give a masterclass some time. I'll be taking a new look at my Leavitt guitar books too. Thank you for the tips!

Best wishes,

Menas Woloohojian

K.C. Marsh

November 12, 2014

Hi Jim!
I'm Warne Marsh's oldest son. What was the occasion for that photo of him and Jeff? Never saw my dad with a suit like that! Cool.

Hope this finds you well. I'm doing a documentary about him. Love to get a scan of this photo if you have a source for it!



December 7, 2012

You have a beautiful sound to your playing. You chord voicings are music to my ears, lol Great playing style!!!

Amy Parsons

November 5, 2012

We will be in town for Shirley's memorial, and hope to see you there.

carol flink

August 22, 2011

Hi Jim and's your fav xray tech from Med. Grp. Encino... if ever you are performing in town... let me know... would love to hear you play!!!

Craig Thatcher

January 23, 2011

Hi Jim,
Craig Thatcher from Martin Guitar here. Just wanted to thank you once again for your great music at the NAMM Martin Dealer dinner. Also
thanks for letting Dick Boak and I sit in. And performing with Laurence J. was a blast. Please stay in touch as I have some things I'd like to discuss with you. Looking forward to seeing you again for NAMM 2012. Please pass my regards to John Pisano.
Kind Regards,
Craig T.

Dirk Etienne

November 11, 2010

Long overdue. Thanks for your professionalism at Vibrato,

All my best,

Dirk Etienne

Jess H.

September 5, 2010

Hi Jim, I have read some fantastic things about your career in the jazz guitar genre. I would like to know if you have instructional books or other materials on jazz guitar soloing or in the line of John Coltrane among other jazz great. I am looking for material that delves into jazz guitar solos in the bebop-hardbop era. Thank you.

Mitch Seidman

August 26, 2010

Hi Jim,
Your recordings sound beautiful! Thanks for hanging in there (We go way back, don't we?), and making continued great music.'Hope to see you soon.
All my best,
Mitch Seidman

Brian Bortel

January 25, 2010

found your card thought I would look up your site. Very nice. I look forward to hearing you live locally.
Your old window cleaner neighbor.

Randy Rhodes

August 25, 2009

Jim, Well done! Your website demonstrates your love for both music and guitar. Can't wait for your jam with Chuck and Dan. See ya there.

Paul Patronete

April 29, 2009

Great website Jim! All the best to you. You are still one of my favorite guitarists.


March 16, 2009

Jim the new CD Natural Blonde is just AWESOME!!

Dave Smith

March 13, 2009

Just a note to say how much I am enjoying "Naturally Blonde".
Great playing and a wonderful selection of tunes.

All the Best
Dave Smith


September 27, 2008

Just an amazing site!


August 30, 2008

All I had to do was hear a few bars on the brandt website, to make your solo album is great.

Mitch Seidman

August 13, 2008

Hi Jim,
I just came across your website. It's terrific! I hope you guys are well. We are just fine (and Hannah is four now),


June 20, 2008

Love the photo on your "Contact" page!
Hey....when is the new CD going to be finished and ready for listening? I've nearly worn "Sunburst" out!
Miss you guys!


May 7, 2008

Bought your CD awhile ago. Truly enjoy your style. Hopefully you will return to Mohegan Sun.
Keep it going. Have you another CD coming out soon?
Milford, Ct


March 17, 2008

Eu acho que e' bom mesmo seu
site. Voce' e'demais em gitarra,
Os fotos sao 'otimos e a arte da
Meg e' bonito.

com o abraco do


john amaral

February 20, 2008


your solo album is great. All I had to do was hear a few bars on the brandt website, to make me want to track it down.

John Amaral

Dawn Dover

February 9, 2008

JIM FOX!!!!!! Do you remember me??? Japan? From SF? Violin? I stumbled onto your site by mistake and just had to take a peek and also say hi to you! Hope all is well. Tell Meg I said hello.

Bob Taylor

January 23, 2008

loved your solos last night at spazios with beck your chops are great!! not to worry funky organized and soulful .We talked before the set about joe and howard ....arch tops forever


September 23, 2007


Just bought Sunburst. Superb. Wish you would consider doing a solo Christmas CD.

Best regards


billy hutch

June 22, 2007

i dig your playing.. i studuied with pat martino dennis sandole joe sgro i know jimmy bruno..i play italian music here in orlando fl.

Tina McDermott

May 12, 2007

Hi Jim,

My husband Tom has been going to Spazio's a lot and met you about a month ago. He bought your CD and we love it so much. We play it for friends and they love it too.

We actually met you previously, years ago, at Lori Barth's house.

We will try to come to the next Spazio's gig.

Best to you and your wife,

Tina & Tom McDermott

Gregg Ellis

March 2, 2007

I saw the picture with you and William Leavitt. I studied with him my senior year at Berklee in 1984. I remember his office! He was such a helpful and sweet man. Thanks for posting that picture, it really made my day and brought back memories. Do you have a picture of Al Defino? (hehe)


February 15, 2007



Doug Schwartz

January 29, 2007

I so enjoyed the set I was priviledged to hear last night with you and Bob Bain, as I have previously. The simpatico you two have really is a magic thing--I think Bob may be the greatest rhythm player ever, right up until I hear you accompany him as he solos. "Sunburst" is a thing of beauty and I hope you are justly proud of it. Looking forward to many more great times, both live and recorded!
Your friend,

Rich Feldman

January 25, 2007

Dude, you rock!!!!

pamela Cramond-Malkin

January 24, 2007

Just wondering how you both are after all these years
the good doctor Pam